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Project Outcomes

IO1  // Competence framework for key parENTrepreneurial competences

When developing the framework, the partnership was:

  1. Conducting a practice and literature desk review including collecting best practices and experiences from existing European projects, as well as case studies of entrepreneurship education in a non-formal learning environment to explore interesting and useful characteristics of frameworks and how they have been successfully implemented;
  2. Consulting directly with entrepreneurship education and family coaching experts to define the entrepreneurial competences that should be fostered specifically in the environment of a family and within the specific dynamic of parent-children relationships;
  3. Consulting with parents on their training needs to become a “parENTrepreneur” and be able to stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit, sense of initiative and active approach in their children and youth.

The ParENTrepreneurs Competence Framework was produced in English as original and is available in all partner languages:
DutchFrenchFinnishItalian and Spanish

IO2 // Training Package on parENTrepreneurship education

Topics that will be part of the training package and that will have proper tools for are:

  • entrepreneurship education in daily life
  • business modelling as a game
  • resilience and entrepreneurship
  • creativity and fun for developing an entrepreneurial mindset
  • daily problem solving
  • networking
  • communication
  • others

The Training Package is produced in English as original and made available in all partner languages:
Dutch, French, Finnish, Italian and Spanish

IO3 // Social Learning Platform

An open source web-based Social Learning Platform will be able to host a community of users. The platform will connect everyone involved in the project allowing them to work together during and after the entire project from an initially brainstorming until the development of the pilot action, supporting the: delivering of training program; networking between parents and trainers, e-learning, collection and sharing of best practices.

The Social Learning Platform will play a fundamental role inside the project, offering end users tools to share practical examples and ideas, create groups with different levels of participation, create macro and micro areas of interests, promote activities and fostering a spontaneous aggregation in groups.

The learning materials will be produced in English language and then contextualized in partner languages to allow the access also to non-English speaking parents. The partnership will select the most relevant materials to translate.

IO4 // Handbook for ParENTrepreneurs peer-to-peer scheme (training the trainers)

The Handbook will provide information to those parents that, after having gone through the ParENTrepreneurship training, are interested in training and sharing what they have learned with other parents activating a training for trainers process and a peer-to-peer (parents to parents) process of up-skilling of parental skills.

The handbook will provide information related to the training modules and how to transfer the information and knowledge in them, and offer additional information that is structured into the following sections (indicative index):

The Handbook is produced in English as original and made available in all partner languages: 
DutchFrenchFinnishItalian and Spanish

  • How to become a parENTrepreneurs trainer
  • Which information to transfer to other parents
  • How to attract other parents
  • Case studies related to the course modules
  • Role models in entrepreneurship education
  • Suggested further reading
  • Practical exercises and project work
  • The peer to peer scheme for parents to train parents (how to)
  • Open educational resources
  • Entrepreneurship conferences and events
  • Practical advice on how to organize a training
  • Practical advice on how to plan the exchange of entrepreneurial knowledge
  • Practical advice for implementation of the course
  • Practical advice for monitoring and evaluation of the skills
  • Practical advice for assessment and recognition

IO5 // Guide to validation and recognition of the programme

The overall aim of this activity is to assess, evaluate and highlight the results of the learning taken place during the training course (O2 – O3) and the practical experience made during the training event. The assessment tool assesses and validates the learning progress of parents who have participated in the training course (Output 2) and have gone through the blended learning experience (O3).

The Assessment tool can be used for self-assessment and for peer assessment as well.

The tool is produced in English as the original and is available in all partner languages:
Dutch, French, Finnish, Italian and Spanish.