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User Guide

How can I access the modules? 

You need to register at the Social Learning Platform in order to access the modules. Click on Take this Course.

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How can I register at the Social Learning Platform? 

You can use your e-mail address and pick an user name and a password at the Registration page. 

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What happens if I forget my password? 

Click on Forgot Password at the Account / Login page to reset your password. 

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Do I have to complete a module to start another?

No. You are free to choose the order of the completion. The learning is self-paced, and you can work on the modules parallelly as well.

User Guide 12

How do I submit my answer to the essay questions? 

Create a blog using any external website, such as WordPress, Medium, Blogger, Ghost or Squarespace or simply a Google Drive Document and paste the link in the comments. 

In the comment section you will have the chance to read the works of your peers, and you can share helpful reflections with each other.

What happens if I fail a quiz?

Do not worry, we learn from our mistakes! You are free to repeat the quiz as many times as needed. You will need to get 80% of the answers correct in order to pass.

How can I get help?

If you have any other questions, use the HelpScout icon at the bottom of the website.

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User Guide 14

How can I interact with other parents interested in becoming parentrepreneurs? 

Use the Parentrepreneurs MEWE group to inspire, discuss and debate with likeminded parents. 

User Guide 15

What is MeWe? 

MeWe is a free, American founded social media site. It has no ads, doesn´t track user activity and is committed to respect the privacy of its users. 

How can I register on MeWe? 

Go to , enter your First and Last Name, your e-mail or mobile number, and choose a password. 

How can I access the Parentrepreneurs MeWe Group? 

After registering on MeWe simply search on in the search bar of the site, or click on the following link

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