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Project Newsletters

The ParENTrepreneurs project partnership is made up of six organisations from across Europe and draws upon a broad range of expertise and perspectives. In the newsletters you will have the chance get to know the partners and their roles and ideas in the project.

First Newsletter  | 2020 December
Here we want to give you a brief overview of our partnership and together highlight some of the many reasons for seeking to promote parents’ entrepreneurial learning and attitudes.

Second Newsletter 2021 September
We compiled a short report about the online piloting some of the partners have done.

Third Newsletter | 2022 January
An update about all the accomplishments of the project in 2021.

Fourth Newsletter | 2022 February
News about the PRENT Self-assessment tool.

Fifth Newsletter | 2022 April

As we are reaching the end of the ParENTrepreneurs project, each partner organisation is holding one last public event in the month of April. These events are the opportunity for the partners and the parents and educators to reflect on what we were able to develop over the past two years and to draw final conclusions.

Sixth Newsletter | 2022 July

The last newsletter on the closure of the project, and the sustainability of the parentrepreneurs model.