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The end of the ParENTrepreneurs project, but not for parent entrepreneurs!

The ParENTrepreneurs project concluded on April 30th, 2022 after two years of collaboration and commitment from CEYE, Bantani, Inova, Materahub, and IPA. However, the end of the project doesn’t mean the end for parents, teachers, youth workers, educators, and for anyone curious about entrepreneurial mindset and educational methodologies within family contexts. Indeed, the results of the project and all the content that the partners have developed over the two years will remain available for free public access. On the platform, the ParENTrepreneurs training course will remain available in five languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, and Finnish. On the same platform, can be found a collection of different articles and inspirations related to parental and educational innovations and methodologies. Aside from the training package (output #2 of the project), the four other outputs developed during the project will remain available, such as:

  • Output 1 Competence Framework for parentrepreneurs includes an assessment of the needs and the identification of the skills to be developed to enhance the capacity of the main target group. It is based on and is aligned to the reference of EntreComp Framework;
  • Output 3 Social Learning Platform an open-source e-learning and networking platform. It contains self-paced learning, assessment modules that lead to certification, and resources for further self-development ideas/tools for everyday parenting practice.
  • Output 4 Parents To Parents manual that provides complementary information to the IO2 course to allow parents trained to train other parents (as well as other trainers) to successfully organise their own training and activate the peer-to-peer scheme.
  • Output 5 Guide to validation and recognition of the program. The Guide contains information on the assessment process developed for training participants. targeting employers and policymakers.
    All IOs were produced in English original and translated to Finnish, French, Italian, and Spanish. Some IOs have also been translated to Dutch as an extra.

The partners involved in the project will continue to utilise and disseminate the content of the ParENTrepreneurs project. Coming soon, the Parent Summit organised by IPA in September 2022 in The Netherlands, is a great opportunity for parents and educators to keep learning about educational pedagogies that are necessary for parents of the current times. Don’t miss out on this event! Registrations can be done here.