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Newsletter #3 – A busy year for ParENTrepreneurs

What a year for ParENTrepreneurs! With 2021 closing in, the ParENTrepreneurs team reflected on the great outputs that were achieved throughout the project, and we are proud to say we have given our best to provide our community of parents with meaningful and impactful content and events. Here’s a throwback to the advancement of the project in 2021:

The first part of the year was dedicated to the development of a training package that has the objective to provide trainers with meaningful content for parents to foster entrepreneurial skills in their children (IO2), as well as the development of the online platform where parents can access the content of the training package and much more (IO3) going, with Materahub (Italy) and IPA (Netherlands) as leaders of those two key project outputs. Several testing sessions of the training package and the platform were carried out by the partners in different countries, and were presented to you in more details in the previous newsletter.

Over the last five months, the ParENTrepreneurs team worked hard to develop a “Peer-to-Peer Handbook” (IO4), which is a handbook for parents who wish to conduct their own ParENTreprenuers training. Containing case studies and role model stories from parents across England, Wales, Spain, Italy, Finland and the Netherlands, the handbook provides guidance, tips and ultimately a practical roadmap for any parent wishing to provide training. Led by Inova Consultancy, the development of the handbook has encountered many stages up to its finalisation, with each partner utilising the specialisations of their own organisation to give their invaluable input at every step. Closely linked with the training package, coordinated by Materahub, the partners have established synergy across the deliverables in terms of module content. What’s more, having a consortium spread across Europe has ensured that the development of the handbook has taken place with differing cultural needs in the forefront..This handbook has been carefully designed to allow the user to adapt the contents to their specific needs and use. Therefore, whether parents wish to conduct their training formally or informally, in small groups or to a wider audience, the handbook provides all the information a ParENTrepreneur needs, along with the training package, to transfer the important work of the ParENTprepeneurs project.

In the last months of 2021, the project also worked on developing an assessment system that will help parents evaluate the knowledge they have gained from the training package. The team, led by VAMK (Finland), will continue working on this key output (IO5) in the coming year. You will find out more about this IO on our website and in the next newsletter!