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What’s happening for the ParENTrepreneurs this month?

Zoom in on the last public events of the project

As we are reaching the end of the ParENTrepreneurs project, each partner organisation is holding one last public event in the month of April. These events are the opportunity for the partners and the parents and educators to reflect on what we were able to develop over the past two years and to draw final conclusions.

Zoom in on each partner country’s event!

VAMK in Finland

A “ParENTrepreneurs Barcamp” was conducted on April 7th in Espoo, Finland. The audience was a mixture of international and Finnish parents. After a brief introduction to the background of the project, a focus was given to the topic of “Fostering the entrepreneurial spirit and skills in children’’, explaining each of the outputs of the project one by one and simultaneously letting people ask questions. The parents got the chance to test out the platform and were invited to share their feedback. itself. To close the event, the parents discussed their individual experiences of parenting in day-to-day life, challenges faced and shared tips with each other. As they asked what would be the next step of the project, they became very curious about becoming “multipliers” themselves by sharing the tools and knowledge they have gained through the project with others..

IPA in the Netherlands

IPA’s international multiplier event „Enterprising education for fit-for-future results” was organised during the Learning Planet Festival 2022 in Amsterdam and therefore was held a few months earlier (January 26th). The event was attended by 23 parent leaders, non-formal education providers, policy makers, researchers and students. The main question, “why an entrepreneurial spirit is important when re-imagining education to cater for a sustainable future?”, was at the heart of the discussion. The event was co-organised by the COVIDEA initiative that IPA is a member of.  After a presentation that was also recorded and shared online, a world café session was dedicated to the question how entrepreneurial parents can support a paradigm shift at home and at schools – especially in light of recently published and presented research on the low levels of related teacher skills and competences. After lunch a brainstorming session was organised on the ways forward, giving space for participants’ own initiatives and creative ideas on using the ParENTrepreneurs tools in their own contexts.

CEYE in Spain

The final official event of parENTrepreneurs Project from CEYE will be celebrated in Mérida, Extremadura (Spain) on April 22nd 2022. The selected place is Arts and superior of Design School, an inspirational place where the families will have a lot of input to work on entrepreneurial skills and competences and share all ParENTrepreneurs´ contents and tools. Families -parents and kids- have been invited to attend this open session where they will be able to practise some ParENTrepreneurs´ dynamics and consolidate the profile of the parents as multipliers in relation with entrepreneurial education.

One of the objectives of the event is also to give more visibility to the ParENTrepreneurs´ training platform and p2p manual and keep the ParENTrepreneurs community growing. Find out more about the event here:

Materahub in Italy

On April 8th, the people of Matera were invited to Materahub’s creative office to discuss the topic of “entrepreneurial creativity within family”. Some of the participants were already familiar with the project as they have been following ParENTrepreneurs activities along the past two years, and some came to discover the project. The event was made interactive with different modes of discussion, encouraging the parents and educators to share their own understanding and experiences with the topic of entrepreneurship within families. The participants also got the opportunity to directly test out some of the activities provided in the ParENTrepreneurs training package, such as the Torrence test activity, and were invited to reflect on how fostering a creative and entrepreneurial mindset is a process that involves every member of a family, therefore reinforcing the importance of unity and harmony at home.

INOVA in the UK

Inova Consultancy will host their final event of the ParENTrepreneurs project, “PARENTrepreneurs: A Morning of Family Entrepreneurial Activities & Games” on Saturday 23rd April, from 10am-1pm. Targeted at parents, families, teachers and policy makers, the event will provide an opportunity for families of Sheffield to come together, network and celebrate entrepreneurship education for our next generation. The morning will be packed with activities, such as working in teams to solve problems, pair work to identity skills and a fun competition, all of which will support the development of a creative, entrepreneurial mindset. Whilst the event will build on the learning from Inova’s previous Creative and Positive Parenting pilot training course, held online in April 2021, the event will be open to all with practical tools and resources developed during the course of the ParENTrepreneurs project shared throughout the event. You can register to participate in the event at the following link: