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Newsletter #2 ParENTrepreneurs – September 2021

Far but together – Testimonies from the parENTrepreneurs training course testing

2021 has been a challenging year for everyone, but the partners of the ParENTrepreneurs project didn’t get discouraged. Amidst social distancing and lockdowns, the ParENTrepreneurs team worked extra hard to provide parents and educators with the opportunity to get virtually in touch, share their experiences, and learn about the project. Several testing sessions of our ParENTrepreneurs training course were carried out online in different countries, and the enthusiasm and warmth shared between the participants can’t be forgotten. Recap on some of the pilot sessions:

VAMK conducted its pilot training virtually in Finland over three sessions inviting Finnish and international parents. Each group had a very different dynamic, with the Finnish group being more reserved on the topic of parenting, while the group of international parents was particularly happy as they found a platform to connect with other international people in a foreign country and discuss their personal experiences about parenting. All participants appreciated the fact that the training involved some of the theoretical knowledge transfer, in an interactive and informal way. It was interesting to witness how parenting can be a sensitive issue and be perceived differently by different cultures.

Inova delivered its pilot training online in England to accommodate the needs of parents during the Covid pandemic. It was not possible to deliver face to face training, however the high number of registrants to the course (100+) highlighted the parents’ need for support interventions during those difficult times locked at home. Two sets of training were delivered, a day time and an evening course, ensuring working parents could also engage. Parents appreciated the flexibility and the time allocated for them to interact and engage with other parents. Many commented that they felt less isolated and felt supported not just by their tutors but by the other parents. Rich group discussions took place, allowing parents time to share their own experiences of coping and being resilient during the pandemic and moving on to a wide range of topics relating to their child’s development and their own development as a parent. The feedback shows that the training was very well received and appreciated.

20 families had access to the online pilot training in Extremadura, Spain, thus making a first test of what will be an offer of contents from parENTrepreneurs Project. There were 4 sessions from April 16 to 24, on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. Each session was two hour-long and introduced each of the 6 modules of the training: They were well received by the participating families, generating a lot of interest and debate. We can therefore say that it has been a good job in analyzing the ENTRECOMP framework and choosing the entrepreneurial competencies that come into play in the family environment.

For Materahub, in Italy, the piloting sessions were carried out in March, in full swing of another lockdown. With everyone at home, there was no other option but to deliver the training online, which encountered great success. Indeed, with the stress of the pandemic and children at home, parents found a moment of peace and support in connecting with other parents who were going through the same challenges. The competences addressed were received with interest by the parents, who realised the importance of fostering an entrepreneurial mindset within their families.