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Newsletter on the PRENT Self-assessment tool

The overall aim of IO5 is to assess, value, and make the results of the learning taking place under the training course and the practical experience made during the training event. The assessment tool will assess and validate the progress of parents who have participated in the training course (Output 2) and have gone through the blended learning experience (O3).

How did we create the assessment tool?

The process started with having one-to-one meetings with the individual partners to make sure that we cover the core learning outcomes of each module that should be evaluated. Based on the inputs received from each partner, a preliminary version of the tool was formed. The partners provided the assessment questions for their respective modules which were further made coherent with final outcomes of Output 1 and Output 2.

What does the assessment tool consist of?

The assessment tool consists of 3 sections. The first section evaluates factual knowledge which will be evaluated with a set of fact-based questions and answers. The second section evaluates the application of knowledge in real life through situation-based questions. And, lastly, there is a self-reflection section that allows parents to reflect on their own learnings through this training program. The tool will be web-based allowing a progressive evaluation. It will be used before initiating the training activity/exchange program and the assessment and will be repeated after finalizing the activity. This assessment will be evaluated and participants will be rewarded with a certificate that can help them to make this informal learning recognizable

How far are we?

The assessment tool is now developed and it is under the process of being tested by a few participants. Based on the feedback and further minor modifications, the assessment tool will be then available in 5 European languages on the project platform. Kindly stay tuned to the upcoming activities of IO5 to witness the final outcome of the parentrepreneurial training program.