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Parents and Entrepreneurs, what do they have in common? 

Parents and educators must teach how to “read”, understand, and face the world. The entrepreneurial spirit offers children and young people tools, strategies, and methods to develop and implement personal projects, to affirm their rights, interests, and needs, but also…

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Entrepreneurial parenting in the community

By Hazel Israel, Bantani Education As the pandemic evolves and life remains different and challenging, many children again find themselves learning online at home, and the possibility of living with restrictions limiting their movement outside of the local area. During…


Defining “entrepreneurship”

Many different dimensions and worlds open up when we talk about entrepreneurship. This word is transformed in many ways. It depends on who says it, in what context and what intention you go to use. Each person has a different…

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Introducing Entrepreneurship skills at an early age

– a high school graduate’s perspective As a Finnish high school graduate, I really wish I was taught about entrepreneurship at a younger age. My school offered quite little when it came to entrepreneurship. We had a few entrepreneurs visit…

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ParENTrepreneurs is an innovative project aiming at developing tools to support parents and other family members in their role as educators to foster the entrepreneurial spirit and skills of children. It will offer learning opportunities as well as the possibility for parents and other family…