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Develop Entrepreneurial Skills in Children

The entrepreneurial mindset enables children to overcome daily challenges, be decisive and take on responsibilities for any of their behaviours and activities. Developing entrepreneurial skills in children helps your children confront difficulties confidently and create values in their lives. The…

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ParENTrepreneurship during Lockdown

The impacts of the Coronavirus have been deeply felt by parents. National lockdowns have amplified their pressures, duties and responsibilities; parents have had to become full-time educators of, and entertainers for, their children. In the past year, the home setting…

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Spotting opportunities in times of crisis

What a trial this pandemic continues to be. As the new world emerges, it sometimes feels like COVID-19 is just the fourth in a series of apocalyptic horsemen of fire, flood, pestilence and plague. However, here at parENTrepreneurs, we have…


Why teach the entrepreneurial skill in education?

The Entrepreneurial Culture Programs of the Regional Government of Extremadura (Spain) combine the will of different areas of administration management; Education and Employment, Business, and Youth, design actions in a transversal way, making explicit the vision that our government has…

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Creativity: A Skill to Foster in Entrepreneurial Learning

image: Some people tend to believe that creativity is an inborn talent. But can creativity be trained and developed intentionally? And what are benefits of creativity?  What is creativity? Creativity is one of the ten key entrepreneurial competences to…

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Las actividades en la naturaleza son un medio magnífico para desarrollar el emprendimiento en edades tempranas. Es un entorno cambiante que favorece que los jóvenes busquen soluciones diferentes a problemas nuevos. En estos “tiempos de coronavirus” en los que desgraciadamente…