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Parenting, Homeschooling and Covid-19: Being a parent is much like being a business owner!

The beginning of 2020 has thrown everyone into a new way of working and living. For many parents, this period has involved adapting to working from home while entertaining children, making sure they are learning and getting their necessary exercise, all while staying safe and at home! This is no easy task and this situation has brought out many entrepreneurial skills in parents, even if they didn’t know they possessed them!

Problem solving: Trying to juggle work and children can be a struggle for many; during the Covid-19 lockdown, many parents have shown insightful problem solving skills as they keep their children invested in school work, all while trying to complete their own work! This is an essential part of running a business – how do you leap over the hurdle or break down that wall in front of you?

Creativity: Keeping children inside for so many months has been a challenge to say the least; thinking creatively about how to keep them entertained, and away from the TV screen all day, is a strong skill to possess and a key one in business too! Creative thinking is a skill which lifts any business off the ground; without it, businesses fail instead of thrive!

Resourcefulness: Alongside being creative, so many parents have had to think resourcefully about how they can keep their child engaged in studying, what they can do on a weekend that would entertain them but keep them safe, what creative meals can be made with the leftover food so they don’t have to go shopping too many times. Being resourceful is a key skill and many possess it without knowing! Resourcefulness in business is also key- check out why here! 

The ParENTrepreneurs project aims to help parents see the skills they have and how they are entrepreneurial! The Covid – 19 situation has highlighted some of these skills and each parent should be incredibly proud of the job they have done during this crisis!

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