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A Best Practice on Community, Entrepreneurship and Education: COMEET + EU Project

Having an entrepreneurial mindset is to be more dynamic and flexible, able to solve problems, to accept failures as opportunities to grow and to take responsibilities for your own choices and decisions. In other words, to adapt to the rapid digital, social and cultural changes around us.

In recent years, schools, colleges and universities have made impressive progress in developing entrepreneurial skills. However, in addition to integrating the acquisition of entrepreneurial skills into the school curriculum, it is important to promote entrepreneurial behaviour at an early stage of young people’s growth, in formal and informal educational contexts or even within the home.

For this reason, parents can play a key role.

Entrepreneurship education takes place everywhere, especially in those environments where children and young people receive their first education (family, school, local community).

Among several EU funded projects implemented to achieve this in Europe, COMEET + is an excellent good practice of how a European partnership including Materahub Consortium may contribute to improve entrepreneurial skills.

This project is based on the belief that community actors, including parents, educators, workers and teachers, can play an important role in encouraging young people’s entrepreneurial behaviour, which is crucial to foster the development of new professional and employment scenarios as well as to support their growth for a better social and cultural environment.

The project implemented a social learning platform for different community actors, such as teachers, families, youth workers and entrepreneurship facilitators including activities and tools to foster Creativity, Teamwork and Cooperative Learning, Self Confidence and Personal Development, Spotting Opportunities, Project Plan, Organising Actions and Resources.

In particular, the first module is about Entrepreneurial Families and includes an introductory training in entrepreneurial skills. All contents, practical activities and tips aim to support parents in understanding that entrepreneurship is a competence, that there are key entrepreneurial skills children success in future working scenarios that parents can foster entrepreneurial attitudes at home.

You can find more info about the project and access to contents of the platform here

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