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Entrepreneurial parenting in the community

By Hazel Israel, Bantani Education As the pandemic evolves and life remains different and challenging, many children again find themselves learning online at home, and the possibility of living with restrictions limiting their movement outside of the local area. During…

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Parenting tips under covid-19 by UNICEF

Almost two years after the start of the covid-19 pandemic, we can all take time to reflect on the challenges the situation has brought to us, and the things we have learned from it. As parents, the situation has added…

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Entreprenurial spirit among vulnerable parents

The February 2021 the HundrED community, a meeting point for education innovation, published a call for initiatives that strengthen the link between schools and families. One of the 12 initiatives that were chosen as the most innovative and scalable initiative…


Defining “entrepreneurship”

Many different dimensions and worlds open up when we talk about entrepreneurship. This word is transformed in many ways. It depends on who says it, in what context and what intention you go to use. Each person has a different…

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Introducing Entrepreneurship skills at an early age

– a high school graduate’s perspective As a Finnish high school graduate, I really wish I was taught about entrepreneurship at a younger age. My school offered quite little when it came to entrepreneurship. We had a few entrepreneurs visit…

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Parenting and Mentoring

A parent has the ability to pass down essential skills and knowledge to children. Like sponges, children observe and absorb small details when it comes to decision-making, such as thinking through the advantages, disadvantages, as well as consequences and risks.…

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ParENTrepreneurs is a role model for teacher competences

Although ParENTrepreneurs is still work in progress, the Competence Framework has been chosen by the European Education Policy Network on Teachers and School Leaders (EEPN) as a case study to inspire teacher entrepreneurship and competence development. Currently, EEPN is working…