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Parenting tips under covid-19 by UNICEF

Almost two years after the start of the covid-19 pandemic, we can all take time to reflect on the challenges the situation has brought to us, and the things we have learned from it. As parents, the situation has added challenges in the education of children, with school closures, remote working, and physical distancing. Managing all those new elements while continuing to attend to the education of children revealed some real management skills parents sometimes don’t realise having! Unicef has partnered with the Parenting for Lifelong Health initiative to share with parents and educators research on how to provide support to help parents manage the situation and boost their entrepreneurial parenting skills. In an article dedicated to parenting under covid-19, they gathered fifteen tips for parents to apply with their children. Click on any of the tips below to read more about a specific topic!

1. Talking about COVID-19
2. One-on-one time
3. Keeping it positive
4. Get structured
5. Learning through play
6. Keeping children safe online
7. Family harmony at home
8. Keep calm and manage stress
9. Bad behaviour
10. When we get angry
11. Family budgeting in times of financial stress
12. Parenting in crowded homes and communities
13. Parenting children with disabilities
14. Parenting teens
15. Parenting a new baby

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