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Parents as entrepreneurs

More or less all parents are entrepreneurs these days of COVID-19 measures. With work patterns forced to change and most children are not allowed to attend school and kindergarten, we are all obliged to try and experiment with new ways of parenting. Why not do it in a way that our children benefit from the most?

In the coming weeks we are sharing inspiration for all parents to not only enterprise with their parenting practices, but also help their children to develop their entrepreneurial spirit. The examples, tools, ideas, resources, links we are sharing for those interested in ParENTrepreneurs will help you to use this time to spot new opportunities with your little ones, develop their creativity, looking for and experimenting with new ideas, building their self-confidence, motivating them, help them try, err and re-try, develop their ethical and sustainable thinking, collaborating with others, coping with uncertainties and ambiguity, mitigating risk and coping with the current situation in general. In short, on the ParENTrepreneur readers we are collecting resources and ideas for being an entrepreneurial parent and raising your children in a (more) entrepreneurial way.