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Parental strategies during the quarantine

Kathi Kühnelt ist a mum of 2. Here is how she fosters an entrepreneurial mindset in her children whilst in lockdown due to Covid19 in Madrid: 

“I want to invite teachers and parents (who here in Madrid are helping out with tele-education) to share ideas on how to foster entrepreneurship skills when you have to stay home and have to work with what you got. 

This is our experience: My kids invent new toys.

My oldest (Lucas, almost 5) had two chopsticks. He saw an OPPORTUNITY to create a new toy. He told me he wanted to create a marionette. So we sat down and PLANNED how this could look like. We cannot go out to buy new things so we had to WORK with the RESOURCES we had at hand (and old shirt to do the figure and some gift cord). Lucas mobilised to get help from whom he needed and we worked as a TEAM (also asking help from his little brother) to build the puppet.”