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Modelling entrepreneurial skills for your children

It is important that our children, our future, are prepared for the fast-paced changes of society and ever-growing technologies that they are likely to be confronted by in their adult lives. Entrepreneurial and business-based skillsets are often  proposed to be a great way to develop their confidence for their lives as adults and increase their success in changing job markets. Job markets, working industries, and our relationship to and reliance on different technologies are changing. Our work and what is required of us is far less predictable for us now than it was of our parents, it will be even less so for our children as experienced recently due to COVID

An understanding around financial development and being able to make advantageous decisions out of the changing structures and social landscapes is going to be necessary if young people are going to thrive. Technology is now at the centre of every function in society. Industries, the job market, and our education systems are being driven by and constantly at the heels of technological change in order to improve and maintain constant advancement in the modern world. So, amongst all the necessary understanding of business and money management a familiarity and ease with technology is going to be needed in order to develop and make their own way in life.

How can you become a Parentpreneur?

Understanding or trying to conceive what the world will be like for your children might be quite a daunting task. Technology will be far more advanced, far more influential, far more in use and we cannot even imagine the skillset that will be needed. The job market will be different, and schooling alone will not prepare most people for what is ahead of them. Understanding business, the world of finance, technology and soft skills will be the main components for a young person’s success. You can play a positive role on their lives to ease into and comfort within their adult lives.  You can in fact become a Parentpreneur by allowing your child to model you with regard to your entrepreneurial activities and skills.

As children we are exceptionally influenced by those closest to us and our brains are often like sponges soaking up all the feelings, information and experiences that we are exposed to. Most often it is the child’s parents or another adult figure of importance that they can learn from the most. As a parent you can increase your child’s entrepreneurial skills and the way they value things such as money and business through small but important acts. These can include things such as letting your child help you shop and make good decision based on your food budget, letting your child manage their own pocket money , letting  them be around you when making negotiations and important decisions with other adults, and bringing them to places such as your office.   A great idea is also to involve your child in booking your family holiday- here they can begin to understand  how to save money, how to use technology to research information and deals and become more savvy when it comes to making sense of information on the internet. 

Once your child starts modelling your entrepreneurial skills, they will be given the opportunity to enter a world of “must have future skills” and very soon not only will they be great at problem solving and spotting opportunities… but who knows… they might soon become real entrepreneurs themselves!